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What is League Age? How do I calculate it?
A: Your Player’s League Age is determined by the Little League International. League Age determines the division in which your Little Leaguer will play this season. The Age Determination Date for a Little League Baseball player is the actual age of a child as of August 31 of the current year.
Click Here to go to the current Little League age chart and age calculator.

Q: What are Little League's Divisions of Play?
A: Here is an overview of Little League's Divisions of Play.

Tee Ball4-650' BasesNo Pitching - Tee OnlyNoNoNo
Single A5-760' BasesCoach PitchNoNoNo
Double AA7-946' Mound / 60' BasesPlayerYesYesYes
Triple AAA9-1146' Mound / 60' BasesPlayerYesYesYes
Majors9-1246' Mound / 60' BasesPlayerYesYesYes
Intermediate11-1350' Mound / 70' BasesPlayerYesYesYes
Junior12-1460' Mound / 90' BasesPlayerYesYesYes
Senior13-1660' Mound / 90' BasesPlayerYesYesYes

Tee Ball (4YR - 6YR)

Single A (5YR - 7YR)

Double A (7YR - 9YR)

- Beginners division for league
- Score is not kept/no standings
- All players bat from a Tee each inning
- All players play defense each inning

- Non-Competitive/Instruction Play
- Score is not kept/no standings
- Runs and outs are tracked
- Continuous Batting Order utilized
- Coach pitch 
- All players play defense each inning

- Competitive/Instruction Play
- Spring Player Draft
- Player pitch
- Scoring and Pitch Cards maintained
- Continuous Batting Order utilized
- 9 players play defense each inning

Triple A (9YR - 11YR)

Majors (9YR - 12YR)

Intermediate (50/70) (11-13YR)

- Competitive/Instruction Play
- Spring Player Draft
- Player Pitch
- Scoring and pitch Cards maintained
- Continuous Batting Order utilized
- 9 players play defense each inning

- Competitive/Instruction Play
- Spring Player Draft
- Scoring and Pitch Cards maintained 
- 9 Player batting order with player substitutions

- Competitive/Instruction Play
- Spring Player Draft
- Scoring and Pitch Cards maintained
- 9 Player batting order with player substitutions
- 50 ft Pitching Distance / 70 ft Base Path Distance
- Full baseball rules (lead-off/steal, pick-off)

Junior (12YR - 14YR)

Senior (13YR - 16YR)


- Competitive/Instruction Play
- Spring Player Draft
- Scoring and Pitch Cards maintained
- 9 Player batting order with player substitutions
- 60.5 ft Pitching Distance / 90 ft Base Path Distance
- Full baseball rules (lead-off/steal, pick-off)

- Competitive/Instruction Play
- Spring Player Draft
- Scoring and Pitch Cards maintained
- 9 Player batting order with player substitutions
- 60.5 ft Pitching Distance / 90 ft Base Path Distance
- Full baseball rules (lead-off/steal, pick-off)

For more information regarding the Little League Baseball divisions click here


Q: What are Evaluations?
A: Evaluations allow our Managers, Player Agents, and Board Members to asses your player's ability and make an appropriate division selection.

Q: Who needs to attend Evaluations?
A: All players who are league age 7 and above. If a player who is League Age 7 does not attend evaluations they will automatically be placed on a Single A team. To be eligible for the Double AA Draft at League Age 7 you MUST attend and participate in an evaluation.

Q: When are Evaluations?
A: Evaluations are held the last two Saturdays of January.

Q: What happens at Evaluations?
A: On the day of evaluation, each player will need to check in and receive a bib number indicating their league age and assigned number. Players are given time to warmup on adjacent fields. When required, players are taken to the field where they will be evaluated on the following: (1) batting/bunting, (2) fielding fly balls, (3) fielding ground balls, (4) throwing, and (5) base running. Each skill will be graded on a 1-5 scale for a total of 25 points possible.
Players will also be given the option to be evaluated on pitching. Pitching will be graded on a 1-5 scale but score remains separate from the 5 mandatory skills to be evaluated.

Q: What if I can not attend both evaluation dates?
A: Players are only required to attend one (1) evaluation date. If you are unable to attend the weekend dates, we usually hold one (1) weekday make up evaluation to be determined at a later date.

Q: What happens if my player does not evaluate?
A: Your player will be placed in the lowest division for their League Age.


Q: What equipment does my child need to play Little League?
A: Your child will need a baseball helmet (c flap or metal mask helmet recommended for competitive divisions), baseball bat, baseball glove, baseball pants, and molded cleats. Intermediate/Junior/Senior Divisions can wear metal cleats. Your child will also need a belt, socks and maybe additional baseball pants to match the team's uniform - the team manager will notify you when the season starts. In addition, boys will need a cup underwear and cup. These MUST be worn to all baseball activities including evaluations, practices, and games. The league provides catcher's equipment. Other gear that you may want to consider are baseball bag, batting gloves, long sleeve dri-fit for the evening games.

Please note all bats must have the USA baseball mark Click Here.

Q: How long is the Little League Season?
A: The TVLL season runs from mid-February through late-May with one week off for spring break. Spring break is alternated between the CNUSD and LEUSD calendars.

Q: Why do some Little League teams play in the summer?
A: For participants playing in the competitive divisions (all divisions except tee ball and single A) there are 2 post season opportunities:
1) District 28 Tournament of Champions (TOC) - The winning team in each competitive division will represent TVLL in the TOC. TOC is usually held early to mid June.
2) All-Star Games - During the season your player will have the opportunity be evaluated by the BOD and their peers to represent TVLL on one of it's All-Star teams. If your player is selected the All-Star season will start early June and potentially continuing through August.

Q: What is included with the League Fees?
A: The registration fees pay for the player's team jersey and hat, basic picture package, umpires, lights and year-end participation award. All Stars and associated costs are NOT included in the League Fees. There is a separate Fee Requirement for participation in All Stars.

Q: How many games/practices can we expect?
A: A 16-20 game regular season with at least one practice per week. There will be one or two games per week for non-competitive divisions and two games per week for all competitive divisions.

Q: Where are the games and practices?
A: Most games and practices will be held at Deleo Sports Park and Montecito Ranch Park. The upper divisions may have to travel to inter-league games. Please visit the "Field Locations" link under the League Info tab on our homepage or click here. Also, if a member on your team is a Horsethief Canyon resident they are able to reserve the Horsethief baseball fields for team practices.

Q: Can I request a particular team or coach for my player?
A: Yes, for the non-competitive divisions only, Tee Ball and Single A. You can enter your coach and/or player request in the special request/comments section during registration or send an email directly to the player agent. The player agent will try to accommodate your request but it is not guaranteed. All teams in the competitive divisions are formed by a draft so no team or coach requests will be accepted.

Q: If we have a question, concern or request during the season, what is the best way to handle it?
A: Please speak with or email a member from the TVLL Board. We will do our best to help!

Q: Who are the TVLL Board Members?
A: TVLL Board Members consist of Parent Volunteers who are passionate about the game, our players and the league. To view the list of current Board Members and their contact information: Click Here.

Q: My player has a health issue that I would like kept confidential. To whom should I speak and how?
A: Please speak directly to the Player Agent.

Q: How can I assist the league?
A: Volunteer! Every season we need Managers, Assistant Coaches, Team Parent Coordinators, Scorekeeper/Pitch Counters, Umpires, Snack Bar Volunteers and Board Members.

Q: How many Coaches are there on a team?
A: There is (1) Team Manager and (2) Assistant Coaches that will assist in player development. Parents are encouraged to participate in coaching as it assists the Manager/Coaches and creates a continued bond with the player.

Q: What can I do to prepare my player for the season?
A: Take your player to the batting cages and practice catching, throwing, fielding, and hitting at a local park.

Q: What can I do to stay informed throughout the season?
A: Follow the TVLL Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, or keep checking this website. 

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