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Apr, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I receive a full refund? My player only played in a few games, or none at all?
a. As mentioned in the email communication, most of the expenses to host a baseball season are paid out in the beginning (Jan-March in this case). When COVID-19 came we did everything we could to delay, cancel, or receive credit for items such as lights and Little League International dues – TVLL absorbed all other expenses.

2. I also paid a fundraising fee, why can’t I get that money back?
a. As you may recall, the fundraising fee is separate from the registration fee. The fundraising fee covers all of the prizes that were purchased for opening day raffle (TVs, Speakers, Grills, etc.) – all of which were given away to the winners that day – along with others opening day expenses.
3. How much did the uniforms actually cost? a. $51.90 per player 4. Was the refund the same for everyone?
a. No, everyone was “charged” the same, but not everyone will receive the same refund amount. For example, if one parent paid $150 registration fee for the season, they would receive a refund for $98.10. However, if the registration fee paid for the season were $200, they would receive $148.10 in return.
5. Can I apply my refund toward the Fall Season?
a. In an effort to limit confusion and streamline the process, the board of directors decided to issue automatic refunds to everyone, instead of allowing the option for a credit to be applied for a future season. If you wish to sign up for Fall Ball (and we hope you do), we will be sharing that information on our website and Facebook page in late July 2020.
6. Can I donate my refund back to the league?
a. Similar to issuing credit in question 5 above, an automatic issuance of refunds is the quickest way to streamline the process for all of our parents. If you would like to donate to the league, please contact Dan Westermann ([email protected]) for more information. 

Local Sponsors

Temescal Valley Little League

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Corona, California 92883

Phone: 951-356-0416

Email: [email protected]